Client-Side Project Consultants

Make one smart decision and we will make the rest. Wildara provides comprehensive client-side construction project management that ensures that your project is built from the ground up by professionals. Choosing to work with us in this way ensures that every supplier involved in the project is the very best of the best, hand-picked by our experienced team on the strength of their qualifications and talent.

Using our extensive networks, we’ll source only the most suitable suppliers for the project, delivering a highly-tailored service suitable for even the most demanding and specific briefs. We understand that no two projects are identical, so we’ll approach each with ideas, not preconceptions, so that as circumstances change our response can too, always ensuring that the optimal course of action is taken to deliver the project on-time and under budget.

End-to-end support delivering success

Our client-side project management has us partnering with your business extremely closely, functioning akin to an in-house project management company, giving you unparalleled control over the project. We’ll put the considerable breadth and depth of our industry expertise at your disposal, bringing together our diverse skills across all aspects of project management to find the ideal solution.

Our services obviate the need for Early Contractor Involvement, delivering the benefits of early-stage involvement of construction professionals with the broader-reaching capabilities and knowledge base of a project management consultancy. You’ll be empowered to make smarter, better informed decisions with a greater potential for influencing the outcome of the project, by choosing to involve us early in the project delivery cycle.

Discuss your requirements with us

Wildara’s turnkey approach to project management means that you have less to worry about for the duration of the build, allowing you to turn your resources and efforts towards other aspects of your business while we ensure delivery.

Choose the best for your next project and involve us as soon as possible. Whether you’re in Newcastle, Sydney or anywhere in Australia or Asia-Pacific, start a conversation with our staff to find out how we can support you. Send us a message through our contact page, or call us directly on 02 4009 1000 and we’ll be happy to assist you.