Wildara enjoys an excellent reputation not only with respect to the quality and delivery of our work but the way we uphold our core values when we conduct our business. To help our company maintain the highest ethical standards we have recently published our Guidelines on Professional Conduct and Code of Ethics. Our Code of Ethics assists our people to understand the ethical and legal guidelines that direct our business activities to ensure we do the right thing in all that we do.

Guidelines on Professional Conduct

Wildara’s Guidelines on Professional Conduct provide a framework for our employees, contractors and suppliers to use when representing the company and exercising their judgement in the practice of our work.

The Guidelines provide details of what is expected to maintain Wildara’s high standards in relation to both the internal conduct of our business and our engagement with our clients, suppliers and the community.

Our core corporate values of excellence, integrity, reliability, loyalty and trust, in line with the Guidelines on Professional Conduct guide all employees, contractors and suppliers as we go about our day to day business.

Code of Ethics

As employees, contractors and suppliers of Wildara, we use our knowledge and skills to deliver industry-leading advice and consultant services, delivering exceptional and efficient results for our government and private clients. In doing so, we strive to contribute to strong communities and vibrant town centres and create innovative solutions for a sustainable future.

Our Code of Ethics defines the values and principles that shape the way we conduct ourselves and the decisions we make as individuals and as a company on a daily basis. Our code provides a consistent statement of our business practices and our workplace conduct, establishing Wildara’s expectations in all situations where representing the company.