Rallying to Defeat Cancer


Wildara has joined the fight against Cancer by supporting the 2018 Annual Shitbox Rally.

Wildara has joined the fight against Cancer by supporting the 2018 Annual Shitbox Rally. The race is now in its 9th year and is dedicated to raising much-needed funds to support cancer research and has become the largest Cancer Council fundraising initiative in Australia. The rally brings an element of fun and excitement to the formidable task of raising money to cure this heartbreaking disease, where participants take ‘shitty’ cars purchased for less than $1,000 and see if they can drive them across Australia while truly experiencing the Australian outback.

Wildara is sponsoring one of the most competitive and formidable “Shit Box” teams, “David Hasselfroff” as they make their way from Brisbane over 3,000km across the country to Darwin. The team is captained by Newcastle local Marcio Augusto and his Sydney sidekick Chris Ayoub who embarked on the journey in their Mercedes Benz 1990 E-Class last week. Marcio and Chris have raised over $9,000 for the Cancer Council so far and are looking to crack the $10,000 by the end of the race.

This year the rally set a fundraising target of 1.4 million dollars and has well and truly exceeded this, having raised over 1.8 million dollars in total so far.

Wildara wishes team David Hasselfroff all the best in their pursuit of Shitbox Rally glory!

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