A Master Stroke, Brendan Rijn Graduates!.

Wildara Project Manager, Brendan Rijn has been awarded a Masters of Project Management.

The Masters of Project Management degree provides Brendan with advanced project management skills for hands-on project management. This course is an ideal complement to Brendan’s Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering and his already established on-the-job experience, and has equipped him with the fundamental methodologies, modelling and analytical techniques for the design and implementation of projects across a wide range of industries.

Since graduating, Brendan has decided to continue his study and has now earned a position completing his MBA at the University of Sydney where he will learn with a cohort of like-minded professionals to maximise analytical skills,  develop the ability to articulate cogent arguments, gain practical, real-world learning and gain valuable skills required to effectively manage and lead.

We are very proud of Brendan’s achievements so far and look forward to seeing him continue to excel.