Dialing it up.

Wildara has been selected as a preferred supplier of professional Project Management services by Singleton Council.

Since 2017 Singleton has set course to become a vibrant, progressive, sustainable, connected and resilient community through the implementation of the Singleton Community Strategic Plan.

The engagement by Singleton Council marks our third Local Government panel appointment reinforcing our commitment to develop better infrastructure for local communities. The selection supports Wildara’s mission to enhance the built environment and breathe life into ideas by working with people and organisations who understand the importance of our built environment and its ability to positively influence the way we work, live and connect with each other.

Wildara’s experience and capabilities across public sector infrastructure are comprehensive and we’re familiar with how publicly funded projects roll out and the best way to collaborate with Government clients for efficient and rapid results.

We look forward to working collaboratively with Singleton Council over the next 2 years towards the councils vision of creating a well-planned, sustainable, accessible and safe community with vibrant places and spaces.