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Graduating students were challenged to design a durable and self-sustaining accommodation system, referred to as a Rapid Deployment Accommodation Pod (RDAP), that could be applied to situations including disaster relief, defence and intelligence operations, remote reconnaissance and remote project management. Students were asked to improve on current RDAP designs and the issues associated with them including; logistics, erection difficulties, electricity generation, waste management and expense.

Wildara challenged the students to meet the following design criteria;

  • Intrinsic – Operated and maintained without detailed instruction
  • Transportable – Deployed anywhere in the world by any means
  • Comfortable – Thermally efficient and naturally ventilated
  • Durable – 12 Month Operating Design Life
  • Weight must be less than 25kg
  • Minimum Internal Dimensions 2x2x2m
  • Accommodate one person for both working and living
  • Provide 24/7 electricity for lighting and powering a standard laptop and satellite phone
  • Operate in ambient temperatures between -15 to 50 Degrees Celsius
  • Operating altitude of 1-2000m AMSL

It was essential that the RDAP designs be practical, comfortable and durable, while having the ability to be easily transported to, and deployed and operated in, the most remote and isolated parts of the world within a 24 hour time frame, having the capability to be, operated, maintained and relocated by a single person.

At the completion of the design project, Wildara sponsored an exhibition where students were able to showcase their ideas and concepts to the public and prospective employers.