Newcastle City Waste Capacity.

Newcastle Council’s Summerhill Waste Management Centre (SWMC) is the largest landfill and resource recovery facility in the Hunter Region, and one of the largest in NSW. The operation of SWMC periodically requires the construction of new landfill cells - as existing cells reach capacity, new cells are planned, designed, contracted for construction, and completed.

With a Development Consent allowing for up to 14 million cubic metres of (as yet unconstructed) landfill airspace, and further potential for up to 20 million cubic metres of landfill airspace, SWMC will be a major force in landfilling in the Hunter Region for the foreseeable future.

Landfill lifespan greatly depends on waste input rates. Newcastle Council, through SWMC have a major drive toward recycling in the short and long term future. Minimisation of waste put to landfill through increased recycling is key to our sustainable future

To allow for current waste demands SWMC are currently constructing the next landfill cell – Cell 9. The Cell 9 project is targeting construction of approximately 3 million cubic meters of landfill airspace. This would provide an estimated lifespan of between 8 and 12 years (based on current throughputs).

Wildara’s staff are proud to be integrally involved with the Project Management and construction of SWMC’s Cell 9 Project.

Cost: $18 million

Completion: Stage 1 – Mid 2017

Status: In construction